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Guild Wars 2 Expansion Heart of Thrones

By brad reu June 9, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

The first ever Guild Wars 2 Expansion has been announced!!! ‪#‎tnsdeals‬ will keep you in touch with the latest updates!!!

 heart of thrones


It has been almost 3 years since the launch of Guild Wars 2. After almost 3 years of fun and excitement with the ever changing world they have announced an expansion. So far there is no information on when the release date will be but it is exciting to know that one of the best MMORPG games to be played is going to expand. New Heroe? New Monsters? New Maps? New Mastery? Higher Level? YES YES YES. Guild Wars 2 Expansion Heart of Thorns is going to make the game even better. 

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