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Free Game Codes

By February 13, 2014 No comments

I am here to answer some of the questions tnsdeals has received concerning the free game codes we post.

Q: When do we post the pc game codes?

A: Every day we post the games at a different time.  The only way you can know when we have posted is to visit our site, like us on facebook, google+, or follow us on twitter.  We post right before we post on our site.

Q: What games do you post?

A: Every day it is different, but if we get enough requests for a specific game that we have in stock we will post that game code but for special game codes we will let everyone know couple of days in advance of when the game code will be posted (The day but not the time)

Q: Are they real game codes?

A: Yes, we open a retail box and take justcdkey to post on tnsdeals


For any further questions leave comments and we will make sure to answer those questions to the fullest