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TNSDeals Top Three PC Game

By February 19, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Everyone has there own opinion on games depending on what they like and what type of game it is.  Well the employees at TNSDeals has tooken the PC Games to the pools and we have chosen the Top Three games based on the games we have and have played.


The number one spot is Sims 3.

The members of TNSDeals have chosen sims 3 because of all the Expansions and the excitement of being able to play a virtual game that feels real.  Being able to get all the things you never had.  Spending money without emptying your real wallet.  Being able to make decisions that no one will say to you.  Sims 3 is just an overall fun game and have so many expansions that you will be hooked jumping from one expansion to the next.

 Sims 3


The number Two spot is Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012)

The new Need For Speed Most Wanted is an Origin based game that is all online now.  You can race your friends, other players as you run from the cops.  It is a virtual world of fast, adrenaline rising fun race game for all ages

Most Wanted


The number Three spot is Age of Empires

This was mostly voted for by our tech team (basically the geek squad).  They say it is really challenging and causes you to think about all the possibilities.  It is a RTS that will make your brain go crazy but you will feel the satisfaction of your success if you win.  Well if you lose...  Maybe Next time?

Age of Empires

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