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Welcome Wholesale/Retail Buyers offers reseller volume order deal on PuttiAtti Silicone Baby Bottle and Products, New Video Games, PC Games, Electronic Devices,  Blu-Ray Movies, DVDs, Toys, Strollers, 3D Puzzles, Laptop Bags, Tablet Sleeve Cases, Health Devices, Ear-Buds, Portable Speakers, Steam Code Only, JustCDKey, Computer Mouse, Gaming Accessories, Cell Phone Accessories, Beauty Products, Toy Organizers, Refurbished Car Audio System, DVR, Cameras - TnsDeals is the Answer



We offer


  Weekly Products Renew

  Large Profit Margin

  Discount On Large Volume Orders

  Exellent Shipping Rate And Free Shipping In The Continental USA

  Immediate Reply For Your Questions

  Frendly Customer Support




How to Set Up Retail Account


1. Make Account On

2. Please Send Email To with 

    A.  TnsDeals ID

    B.  Your Name

    C.  Company Name

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    E.  Address 

    F.  Reseller Permit

3. You Can Get Confirmation Email To See Confidential Retail Price




Account MOA Requirement


♦  Putti Atti only MOA is $250.00 

♦  Retail Account : MOA $500.00 + FFA(Free Freight in Continental US) for Web Mix Order